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A. R. Wilson & Associates provides a comprehensive range of fiduciary services. In responding to the fact that each client is unique—whether a beneficiary, conservatee, or other—we place great importance on preserving his or her dignity and sense of well-being.


of the Person*

When an individual is physically or mentally incapacitated, neglected, or at risk, we as conservators, are appointed by the court to manage his or her care and maintain quality of life. In this capacity, we are required to report periodically to the court. A court-assigned investigator annually verifies the welfare of the conservatee.


of the Estate*

When an individual is at risk for financial abuse or undue influence, we as conservators are appointed by the court to protect and manage his or her assets in a prudent manner. We are required to be licensed and bonded and to file accountings for the assets we manage. The court oversees our work as a protection to the conservatee.

*Outside of California, the term Guardianship, rather than Conservatorship, is used. In the case of minors, the term Guardian or Guardianship is always used.



As trustee, we are responsible for carrying out the terms of a trust. The trustee may be appointed by the trustor, by another person authorized in the trust instrument, or by the court. The trustee is responsible for prudent management of trust assets. Trustee duties include, but are not limited to, handling trust income and disbursements, managing trust property, filing tax returns and making distributions.



We serve as a personal representative for decedent estates, acting as executor (if named in a will) or as a court appointed estate administrator (if not named in the will or there is no will). Responsibilities include carrying out the terms of a will (if one exists) and/or handling administrative duties through the final distribution of estate assets.



We coordinate and oversee living arrangements, personal care, health care, and other services. We also oversee various other personal matters for the client. We provide periodic client status reports to the person or entity designated in the case management contract.

- From Family of Conservatee
“Our sincere thanks for your genuine concern for Anne's welfare. You have concisely stated Anne's issues and we greatly appreciate your continued desire to do what's best for Anne. We are very fortunate to have you involved in this case.”  
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